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OERLA Knives - OLX-004 Tactical Survival Knife - Your Resilient Outdoor Companion

Whether it's for tactical, a hunting expedition, or as an emergency tool, the OERLA OLX-004 tactical survival knife camping hunting full tang fixed blade its place as a quintessential part of any outdoor kit. With versatile carry options and a dependable, nimble design, it’s the perfect companion tailored for tough environments. Choose OERLA OLX-004 and feel the confidence of having a survival knife that excels in durability and finesse.

OERLA OLX-004 Tactical Survival Knife Camping Hunting Full Tang Fixed Blade

SKU: OLX-004
1 Quart
  • 9" (230 mm) overall, 4.68" (119 mm) of Blade length, 4.32” (111 mm) of handle length, 0.193”(4.9 mm) of Blade thickness, 9.3 ounces of knife weight

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