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Why you need to "stay away" from your blade

Rule No. 1: If you love it, "stay away" from it.

DO NOT touch the blade directly with your finger.

Try to hold back your pamper. It's easy to understand, as a knife collector, the favorite knife just like your favorite pet or even your baby. You may expect to have the closest contact with your blades all the time. However, this is not good behavior.

First of all, it is not safe to do so. The blade is usually very sharp and can easily cause physical injury.

Secondly, some old knives and sabers may contain unknowable trace elements and microorganisms, which could make wounds difficult to heal.

Finally, the most important thing is, the sweat on human hands has a corrosive effect. If you often touch the knife but no cleaning in time, it will cause rust spots that will affect the knife's appearance.

So, If you love your knives, please "keep distance" with them.

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