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A few definitions of a tactical knife you may not know

There is no definition of a tactical knife, but it has some essential characteristics. Today we will talk about some basic features of the tactical knife. The term tactical knife was coined in the mid-1990s to define a knife with a specific appearance and use characteristics—several basic features of tactical knives.

1. Usually has a non-reflective blade

2. Usually has a synthetic material handle

3. Specially designed for cutting hard objects and quick use

4. Military purposes triggered by aesthetics

Non-reflective blade coating.

Among the characteristics of tactical knives, non-reflective blades are the most obvious. How is the non-reflective effect formed? Non-reflective is done in several different ways. The most common is ribbon polishing. Surface treatment can be completed just by using an abrasive belt. This gives the blade a non-reflective and beautiful surface. Another method is sandblasting, electroplating coating, or stone-wash, using silica glass beads instead of sand, producing a more uniform, light gray, non-reflective smooth surface.

It usually has a synthetic material grip handle.

The handles of tactical knives usually use synthetic materials, including but not limited to Micarta, G-10, and carbon fiber. However, these three are the most popular handle materials for tactical blades on the market. In the past century, handle materials have evolved from wood, leather washers, and even cast brass and aluminum to synthetic materials. In the mid-1990s, Micarta was mainly used. Later, with the appearance of G-10, more colors and configurations were provided, and it became more and more the preferred handle material.

Some people say that the knife manufacturer "Bob Terzuola" made the world's first tactical folding knife, while others say that "Ernest Emerson" made the first tactical knife. These are inconclusive.

Sal Glesser, the founder of Spyderco Knives company, once said: A tactical knife is any knife that you carry with you when you need a knife.

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