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  • Is there any information - a video maybe - on how to work the belt clip?
    look up any video of the tec lock but honestly once you have it its super easy to figure out and super adjustable from as small as molle straps to a belt larger than any I own. Very versatile and easy to adjust
  • Where are OERLA knives made?
    made in China
  • What size belt does the sheath fit on?
    any, works on military bet and work belt, has adjustable pieces in for sized belts
  • Can you attach the belt clip to molle?
    Yes the center part of the clip attaches to a single molle loop. These these clips are actually some of the best molle rings. Most people just don't know how to use them.
  • Does the sheath allow for horizontal lumbar carry?
    Yes . You just have to move the screws and turn the clip
  • Could you baton wood with this blade?
    Absolutely no problem. you can use it to baton small pieces of wood Chunks. such as BBQ smoking wood Chunks, Or cut appropriate branches. please read the product size carefully before purchasing.
  • What is the best knife for "dressing" a deer, including be able to cut through fur, bone, and cartilage? I have a tactical knife but it cannot saw."
    There are knife sets that are designed specifically for this, with usually 3 knives to get the job done. Typically you do not need to cut through bone in order to field dress a deer, if you’re looking to process the deer to get remove cuts of meat, a knife set is definitely the way to go
  • How does the sheath hold the knife? Will it stay put until you pull, or is it loose?"
    The sheath is molded so that the knife will not come out of the sheath unless you pull it out.
  • Where is OERLA company located?
    OERLA located in California, USA
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